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Based on test prep experience of more than 33 years, The CAT has developed an effective methodology and stuff for the preparation of Standardized Tests. The methodology rapidly creates an in-depth understanding of what the test is, what are the questions, and how to deal with all of them.

Questions in Database : 27360
Up till 2023, CAT has prepared more than 12143 students to have admissions or employments in prestigious institutions.

A student can take the lessons and tests anywhere and any time. The CAT Online Test Prep is easy to access thorough a tab or mobile.

Proven Success

Fully Optimized

A large number of successful test takers with highest scores proves effectiveness of the Prep Programs and test taking strategies of the CAT.

Experienced Teachers


CAT's teachers are experience and proficient in coaching students to meet their targets.

Recorded Online Class with teacher

Two way communication, You can ask questions from the teacher during the class. The teacher clarifies the ambiguity.

During the class the student feel like he/she in a real physical class.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Almost all video lectures in this section are in Urdu. A video has been given here. A very basic review of solving Ratios questions.



No place bound. The test taker can access the preparation application everywhere based on his own convenience.



CAT Online Preparation is comparatively costs lower than prevailing classroom prep courses in Pakistan.



The CAT Online Test Prep meets the needs of an individual. Pace of preparation remains under individual control.

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